Product Support

Our products are supported by developers that actually created them and they are empowered to fix any problems and make necessary improvements right away. We provide e-mail based support only so our products can be afforded by large number of developers. Most of support requests are answered within 24 hours and resolved in the same period of time when received during support core business hours Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST excluding holidays.

Thank you very much! Your support is above and beyond anybody else's.
Peter Czurak, click for more feedback.

If you are just evaluating our products feel free to contact us at support @ Please remove spaces from the email address.

If you already own one of our products you have several options to access our excellent support resources:

  1. Search our Knowledge Base.
  2. If you can't find setting to change something on our controls please review first the properties and methods on controls using VS.NET Properties Window or help file. Most likely you will find solution there.
  3. Search our very active support forums available for Customers Only.
  4. Email our friendly support at support @ Please remove spaces from the email address.

I am very impressed with you and your company's commitment to resolve issues. Your quick resolution of my problem was above and beyond my expectations. Thank you so much.
Jan Lange, click for more feedback.

Include the following information in your support request:

  • Before contacting support, please make sure you update to latest version of the product you are using. We update our products every Friday so please make sure you download and install latest release. Your issue might have been already resolved.
  • Your Serial number for the product you are using is required to receive support. If using trial version please indicate so.
  • Name of the Product you are using, including platform, i.e. WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, WinRT.
  • Description of the problem including exact exception and stack-trace if one is occurring.
  • Any necessary steps to reproduce the problem.
  • Attach sample project if possible. This is extremely helpful to help us reproduce the issue and ensures that your issue is fixed as soon as it is reproduced. Please do not send us the code in e-mail as text rather create the project and send it. Please rename archive files so they can get past mail server spam filters. For example rename .zip to .zzz or .rar to .rrr.
Please send your support requests to support @ Please note that after your message is received, usually within 30 minutes, you will get the support ticket number back from our system. If you do not receive the ticket number it means that we have not received your message which could be due to the spam filtering on either your side or ours. Try changing the subject and/or content of your message and re-send it.