Our Products

DotNetBar for Windows Forms
DotNetBar for Windows Forms is toolbox of over 50 stunning components that help you create professional user interface with ease. Among many controls it includes Office 2010 Ribbon Control, Office 2007, 2003 and VS.NET 2005 style menus and toolbars, multi-functional panel controls, Docking controls, Navigation Pane and much, much more...
DotNetBar for WPF
DotNetBar for Windows Presentation Foundation is 100% native WPF component to create professional sleek Windows Presentation Foundation applications. It includes Wpf-Ribbon an Office 2007 Style Ribbon control and Wpf-Dock an fully featured Docking control with Document Docking and Diamond docking guides.
DotNetBar for WinRT
DotNetBar for WinRT is toolbox of native Windows 8, WinRT controls for professional applications. It includes Calendar/Scheduler control, Radial Menu, Super Tooltips and much more.
DotNetBar for Silverlight
DotNetBar for Silverlight is toolbox of native Silverlight controls for professional applications. It includes Calendar/Scheduler control, Navigation Pane and more.
Professional Icon Pack
Professional Icon Pack helps you dramatically improve appearance of your application in minutes with 260 alpha-blended icons in 5 different sizes. Royalty-free, of course.
Essential Icon Pack
With our Essential Icon Pack you get 240 16x16 pixels, alpha-blended professional icons that will improve your user interface no doubt about it!
HTML-Document Component
HTMLDocument is a class library for Visual Studio.Net that provides DOM (Document Object Model) for HTML documents. HtmlDocument library provides the light-weight high-performance HTML Document Object Model engine.
HTML Help COM Assistant
HTML Help COM Assistant lets you in couple of easy steps generate professional documentation for your COM/ActiveX components and controls. HTML Help COM Assistant will analyze your component and create full documentation for your enumerators, objects, properties, and methods. HTML Help COM Assistant is FREE.