Create Professional WPF Applications with world's first WPF ribbon control

Wpf-Ribbon is the fully compliant Office 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007 style Ribbon control developed from ground-up for Windows Presentation Foundation

We released world's first Ribbon control for Windows Forms back in 2005 and using that experience and new WPF platform we developed world's first WPF Ribbon control. Wpf-Ribbon™ is designed for developing professional business applications with WPF. Latest update adds Office 2016 styling with unlimited color schemes:

DotNetBar Office 2016 WPF Ribbon Control

DotNetBar Office 2013 WPF Ribbon Control

Using our color scheme generator you can easily create complete color scheme by specifying single base color:

DotNetBar Office 2016 WPF Ribbon Control Color Schemes

DotNetBar Office 2013 WPF Ribbon Control Color Schemes

Partial list of Wpf-Ribbon™ features:

  • Office 2016 Style with advanced color scheme generator. Create unlimited color scheme by specifying single base color.
  • Office 2013 Style with advanced color scheme generator. Create unlimited color scheme by specifying single base color.
  • Office 2010 Style
  • Office 2010 style Backstage Application Menu
  • Supports all required Office 2007 UI design elements. For details see below...
  • Automatic intelligent Ribbon resizing
  • Application menu support
  • Contextual groups support
  • Complete Galleries support
  • Office 2007 styling for controls included, like ComboBox, StatusBar etc.
  • KeyTips support
  • Windows Vista Glass Support
  • Predefined color schemes Blue, Silver, Black
  • Create unlimited custom color schemes based on single color and one of our predefined color tables
  • Ribbon popup menu support
  • Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) with customization
  • Excellent integration with WPF Routed Commands
  • Right-To-Left (RTL) fully supported
  • XBAP support, use it in your Click-Once XBAP applications
  • Built-in support for Live Preview (see Knowledge Base for details)
  • Advanced Window in Office 2007 style and exceptional custom styling support

Backstage Application Menu

Ribbon control includes support for dual application menus. Both Office 2007 and Office 2010 Backstage application menus are supported. Here is screen-shot of Backstage application menu created with our Ribbon control:

DotNetBar Wpf-Ribbon Control Office 2013 Application Backstage Menu

DotNetBar Wpf-Ribbon Control Office 2010 Application Backstage Menu

This is screen-shot of our RibbonPad sample included with the control running on Windows Vista with Glass effect enabled and Office 2010 style. Notice the window title and contextual group support for Windows Vista Glass.

RibbonPad sample shipped with Wpf-Ribbon Control on Windows Vista with glass and Office 2010 style

And Office 2007 style:

RibbonPad sample shipped with Wpf-Ribbon Control on Windows Vista with glass

Here is RibbonPad sample included with control running on Windows XP with Silver color scheme:

WPF Ribbon Control with silver color scheme

Ribbon control with Black Office 2007 color scheme:

WPF Ribbon Control with black color scheme

Wpf-Ribbon™ also supports Office 2007 inline and drop-down Galleries. Following images illustrate some of the extensive Gallery functionality included in Wpf-Ribbon™:

WPF Ribbon inline Gallery Support with scrolling and drop-down button

WPF Ribbon drop-down Gallery with automatic categorization, resizing and scrolling

Custom Color Schemes

Wpf-Ribbon™ includes 3 predefined color schemes: Blue, Silver and Black that closely follow Office 2007 color schemes. While you can completely customize every visual aspect of Wpf-Ribbon™ the process of doing so is very time intensive. There are over 400 unique colors in Wpf-Ribbon™ color table.

With Wpf-Ribbon™ we include our unique color scheme generation algorithms that allow you to create unlimited number of color schemes based on just single color you specify and one of our built-in color tables. Image below shows additional color tables created using single line of code. Sample included with the Wpf-Ribbon™ shows how to do that.

Wpf-Ribbon Custom Color Schemes Generated From Single Color

Wpf-Ribbon™ support for the 2007 Microsoft Office System User Interface Guidelines

Office 2007 UI Element Required Status
54. Application Menu
66. Displaying the Application Menu Yes Implemented
83. Application Menu Controls Yes Implemented
120. Ribbon
123. Tabs Yes Implemented
125. Groups Yes Implemented
126. Controls Yes Implemented
160. Tabs
171. Displaying Tabs Yes Implemented
192. Minimizing the Ribbon Optional Implemented
218. Tab Scrolling Optional Implemented
252. Groups
263. Displaying Groups Yes Implemented
270. Group Labels Yes Implemented
284. Group Visual States Optional Implemented
287. Dialog Box Launchers Yes Implemented
301. Dialog Box Launchers Visual States Yes Implemented
312. Controls
324. Displaying Controls Yes Implemented
338. Control Layouts Yes Implemented
359. Control Labels Yes Implemented
386. Control Visual States Yes Implemented
389. Control Behaviors Yes Implemented
412. Ribbon Resizing
439. Defining Groups for Ribbon Resizing Yes Implemented
452. Group predefined variants Yes Implemented
460. Collapsed Group Behavior Yes Implemented
482. Defining Group Combinations for Ribbon Resizing Yes Implemented
510. Group Horizontal Scrolling Yes Implemented
530. Tabs Compression Yes Implemented
543. Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
554. Displaying QAT Yes Implemented
580. Ribbon right-click QAT support Optional Implemented
580. Position QAT below the Ribbon Optional Implemented
598. Customizing QAT Optional Implemented
621. Displaying Many Controls in the QAT Yes Implemented
640. Visual Appearance
648. Application Button Yes Implemented
669. Application Button Background/States Yes Implemented
689. Quick Access Toolbar Yes Implemented
725. Quick Access Toolbar Customize Optional Implemented
744. Application Title Bar Yes Implemented
744. Tabs Yes Implemented
812. Tab States Yes Implemented
835. Groups Yes Implemented
878. Scrollbars Optional Implemented
912. Status bar Optional Implemented
927. Keyboard Access
943. Displaying KeyTips Yes Implemented
977. Dismissing KeyTips Yes Implemented
984. Keyboard Navigation Yes Implemented
994. KeyTip Size and Positioning Yes Implemented
994. KeyTip Size and Positioning Yes Implemented
1038. KeyTips for Collapsed Groups Yes Implemented
1074. Contextual Tabs (Optional)
1089. Selecting Contextual Tabs When Inserting a New Object Yes* Implemented
1111. Showing Contextual Tabs After Selecting An Existing Object Yes* Implemented
1129. Contextual Tab Labels Yes* Implemented
1163. Galleries (Optional)
1180. Displaying Galleries Yes* Implemented
1195. Gallery inline/popup support Yes* Implemented
1231. In-Ribbon Gallery Navigation Arrows Yes* Implemented
1245. Displaying Expanded In-Ribbon Galleries Yes* Implemented
1265. Resizing Expanded In-Ribbon Galleries Optional Implemented
1303. Mini-Toolbar (Optional)
1318. Displaying the Mini Toolbar Yes* Not implemented
1347. Dismissing the Mini Toolbar Yes* Not implemented
1369. Controls Displayed on the Mini Toolbar Yes* Not implemented
1392. Displaying the Mini Toolbar with Context Menus Yes* Not implemented
1303. ScreenTips/SuperTooltips (Optional)
1434. Displaying ScreenTips Yes* Implemented


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