WPF Super Tab Control

Super Tab Control is designed to provide you with incredible looking and flexible tab control with numerous visual styles. There are over 1100 colors that define styles provided with the control. Following 6 visual styles are included:

  • SuperTabControl Office 2007 style
  • SuperTabControl Office2010 Backstage blue style
  • SuperTabControl Visual Studio 2008 Dock Style
  • SuperTabControl Windows Media Player 12 style
  • SuperTabControl OneNote 2007 style
  • SuperTabControl Visual Studio 2008 Document style
  • Office 2007 with Blue, Black and Silver variants
  • Office 2010 Backstage
  • Visual Studio 2008 Dock
  • Windows Media Player 12
  • OneNote 2007
  • Visual Studio 2008 Document

Each style allows tabs to be aligned to top, bottom left and right. Notice that when tab alignment has changed the tab and other gradient fills change appropriately.

Tab Colors

You can assign one of the 14 predefined colors to each tab. You can also easily define your own tab colors. Here is screen-shot with all predefined colors available:

SuperTabControl per-tab colors

Tab Closing Options

Super Tab Control includes feature that allows tab closing by the end user. Following options are available:

Close button visible on each tab:

SuperTabControl close button visible on tab

Close button visible on tab only if mouse is positioned over the tab:

SuperTabControl close button visible on mouse over

Close button visible in tab header:

SuperTabControl close button in tab header

You have full control over close button visibility. Visibility can be specified for each individual tab or for all tabs on tab control.

Adding Content To Tab Header

Super Tab Control allows you to add any content to the tab header (tab strip area). You can add content before the tabs or after the tabs. In screen-shot below note how we added + (plus) button to the tab header:

SuperTabControl content added to header, tabstrip area

Drag & Drop Tab Re-order

Super Tab Control includes functionality that allows end-user to re-order the tabs. If enabled user can simply drag & drop tabs to re-order them. Screen-shot below shows that in action:

SuperTabControl tab drag & drop re-ordering

Tab Layout

Super Tab Control can align tabs to all 4 sides of the control. In addition to that you can choose following tab layouts:

  • Single line tab layout
  • Single line to fit available space
  • Multi-line tab layout

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