WPF Calendar, Schedule Control

Wpf-Schedule control provides you with the great multi-user calendar control including powerful recurring appointments engine.

Our scheduler control uses the Model/View architecture where actual appointments are separated from the User Interface presentation. That way the appointments can be presented in number of different views and new views can be added easily.

Here is screen-shot of a Month view in new Office 2013 styling:

WPF Schedule Control Month View in Office 2013 style

Multiple User Support

Wpf-Schedule control includes built-in, easy to use multi-user support on both model and view level. You can add appointments to the model that belong to multiple users and you can selectively display them on available views. All views provided by the control support multi-user display.

To help you better visualize this here is screen-shot of day-view with multiple user calendar displayed:

WPF Schedule Multi-User Support

Using this functionality is as easy as setting single property value on appointment to indicate the appointment owner. We include 12 pre-defined calendar color schemes that are automatically assigned to each displayed user or you can assign them explicitly. It's your choice.


All new Timeline view is designed to display schedule of multiple-resources with condensed (bird-eye) view of the schedule used for navigation and long term schedule overview. You can control time units so you can zoom in/out and display calendar for part of day or for whole year.

WPF Schedule Control Timeline with condesend (bird-eye) view

Day View which provides detailed hour-by-hour view of the selected day:

WPF Schedule Control Day View

Week View, a multiple days detailed view:

WPF Schedule Control Week View

Month View:

WPF Schedule Control Month View

Partial list of WPF-Schedule™ control features:

  • Office 2013 styling with our color scheme generator
  • Multi-User/Calendar Support with 12 calendar color schemes
  • Day, Week, Month and Timeline Calendar Views
  • Powerful Recurring Appointments Engine
  • Custom Content on Calendar Views, Add any WPF Control to the Calendar
  • Built-in Reminders
  • Model/View architecture
  • Office 2010 styling
  • Office 2007 styling with Blue, Silver and Black color schemes

For in-depth information about this control please take a look at WPF-Schedule Control Quick Start Guide.

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