Advanced WPF Property Grid Control

Property Grid control helps you present and edit property values in table based interface. Here is screen-shot of our Property Grid in action:

Advanced WPF PropertyGrid Control

You can simply set SelectedObject property to the object you want to edit properties for and Property Grid control will display all browsable properties and allow editing. You can fully customize which properties are displayed and how they are displayed including which editors are used to edit property values.

Validation and ICustomTypeDescriptor

Control includes full support for applying custom validation rules. ICustomTypeDescriptor interface is supported and you can use it to create completely virtual properties on top of your objects.

Collection Editor

Property Grid includes built-in collection editor that will be used to edit collections and arrays. Here is screen-shot which shows built-in property editor:

Advanced WPF PropertyGrid Control Collection Editor


Advanced Property Grid control comes with Office 2010 like Blue, Silver and Black styles and Visual Studio 2010 style. You can of course create the templates to completely customize control apperance as well.


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