WPF Date Time Picker Control

WPF Date/Time Picker control is written from ground up to provide easy date entry and exceptional customization options with great out of box look and feel and seamless international support. Office 2007 style is default style for this control and it will fit great with our other Office 2007 style data input controls. WPF Date/Time Picker control provides all features you expect from professional control: Easy WPF styling, NULL value support, custom formatting and much more... You can provide easy date, time or date and time data entry in your application with advanced date/time picker.

WPF Date/Time Picker control natively supports NULL values which is one of the most common complaints about lot of Date/Time Picker controls. This is must have feature if you are binding control to the database fields. Since our control is written from scratch, it provides field based date/time entry which ensures that date/time entered is always in correct format.

Look and feel

WPF Date/Time Picker control support Office 2007 style in all 3 stock color schemes: Blue, Silver, Black, as well as any user generated color scheme. This is how the Date/Time Picker control looks with default settings and Clear button visible:

WPF DateTimePicker control in Office 2007 style with drop-down calendar and clear button

Control update can be locked and unlocked using the check-box that can be displayed on the left hand side of the control. You can also show the up/down scrolling buttons that allow user to change the currently focused date/time part by simply pressing the buttons. Image below shows these parts of the control activated:

WPF DateTimePicker control lock/unlock and up/down buttons

Display up to 2 custom buttons inside of the Date/Time Picker and assign to them any combination of image and text. Use custom buttons to display custom dialog to choose control value, perform lookups etc. Image below shows one of the custom buttons visible:

DateTimePicker control with custom buttons

Date/Time Formats, Custom Formatting and Beyond

WPF Date/Time Picker is fully internationally aware. Long and short date format and long and short time formats, as specified in end-user system options, are built-in formats. Full strength of control can be seen when custom format is used.

Setting the custom format property value to: 'at' HH 'hours and' mm 'minutes' results in the input shown below:

WPF DateTimePicker custom formatting

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