WPF Metro Controls

DotNetBar for WPF includes world's first set of native WPF controls which allow you to create Metro style applications. Metro is type based design language based on principles of classic Swiss graphic design. Metro design excludes superfluous graphic and window chrome and it puts actual content up front. It uses large titles and pages with lateral scrolling. Result is clean, sleek user interface that gets out of the way.

Here is screen-shot of Metro-Bill, a sample application that illustrates Metro design and which is included with DotNetBar for WPF:

DotNetBar for WPF Metro-Bill Sample Application

DotNetBar for WPF Metro-Bill Sample Application

DotNetBar for WPF Metro controls allow you to have unlimited color themes for your applications. We designed proprietary color scheme generation algorithms that use as input two colors you specify and then create complete, visually pleasing color scheme for all our controls.

DotNetBar for WPF Metro Style Automatic Color Scheme Creation

DotNetBar for WPF Metro control set concists of following controls:

Metro Application Window

MetroAppWindow is a chrome-less application form. It does not have any window chrome and is provided as clean slate for hosting MetroShell control.

Application form however has support for the overlaying content. Metro Forms Presenter is the concept we introduced specifically for the Metro applications. It allows you to slide into the view any content which requires user input without using modal dialog. This fits much better into Metro design language and provides smoother user experience.

Metro Shell

DotNetBar for WPF Metro Shell Control

MetroShell control is top-level Metro control which provides key application user interface elements:

  • Application Menu, either Backstage or standard menu
  • Quick Access Toolbar with customization
  • Minimal window chrome with system buttons and title text
  • Settings and Help buttons as part of form title
  • Main application tabs

Metro Toolbar

DotNetBar for WPF Metro Toolbar Control

MetroToolbar control is a toolbar with two button areas. It shows most commonly used commands at all times but also allows user to access infrequently used or extra commands by expanding the toolbar to reveal extra content. MetroToolbar control automatically participates in customization by allowing end-user to right-click the buttons and add them to Quick Access Toolbar.

Metro Status Bar

DotNetBar for WPF Metro Status Bar Control

MetroStatusBar control is a Metro styled status bar which can be used to provide application current status and provide optional grippers to resize the form in bottom right corner.

Metro Dialog

DotNetBar for WPF Metro Dialog

MetroDialog is dialog window in Metro style. It is provided to be used as replacement for standard Window when dialogs need to be added to Metro apps.

For an in-depth information about this control please take a look at Getting started with Metro UI in DotNetBar for WPF.

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