WPF Navigation Pane Control

Navigation Pane control is native WPF control that provides Outlook 2010 and 2007 style navigation that you can include as part of your professional WPF applications. Screen-shot below shows the Navigation Pane control in action. Office 2010 Style:

WPF Office 2010 Outlook style Navigation Pane Control

Office 2007 Style:

WPF Office 2007 Outlook style Navigation Pane Control

What is Navigation Pane?

Navigation Pane control combines the buttons on the bottom part of the control and views associated with each button displayed on top part of the control when button is selected. Button can be represented in large and small size. Mail button in image above shows button in large size. The buttons at the bottom of the control are in small size.

Navigation Pane control can also be customized by end users using customization menu opened by customize button in bottom right corner of the control.

Image below identifies key parts of Navigation Pane control:

Outlook 2007 style Navigation Pane Control Anatomy

1. Small button representation
2. Large button representation
3. View/Content associated with the button
4. View title or button header if title not specified
5. Minimize/Maximize Navigation Pane button
6. Splitter to change number of large buttons visible
7. Navigation Pane Customization button

Navigation Pane control has built-in support for minimizing (size reduction). Using the Minimize/Maximize header button you can change Navigation Pane size. Image below shows minimized Navigation Pane:

Outlook 2007 style Navigation Pane Minimized and Content displayed on popup menu

Navigation Pane includes 3 standard Office 2007 color schemes: Blue, Silver and Black. Custom color scheme generation based on single color and one of our color schemes is also fully supported.

Navigation Pane Office 2007 style color schemes


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