Mobile Ribbon WPF Control

DotNetBar for WPF MobileRibbon controls allow you to create user interface as seen in iOS and Android Office apps. The MobileRibbon is optimized for the touch user interface and it works very well for mouse input too. Here is screen-shot from the sample application that is included with DotNetBar and which shows most of the functionality:

DotNetBar for WPF Mobile Ribbon Control

Major controls included with MobileRibbon are:

  • Touch Ribbon with theme set for primary ribbon colors: blue, green, orange or purple
  • Top-level ribbon Window with custom chrome
  • MobileRibbon Buttons
  • MobileRibbon Gallery
  • MobileRibbon Popups
  • MobileRibbon Backstage


DotNetBar MobileRibbon includes support for the integrated Backstage menu as shown:

DotNetBar for WPF Mobile Ribbon Control Backstage Menu

Primary Ribbon Colors

MobileRibbon includes primary ribbon colors themes which can also be fully customized.

DotNetBar for WPF Mobile Ribbon Control Themes

For an in-depth information about this control please take a look at MobileRibbon Quick Start Guide.

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