DataForm WPF Control

DataForm control included with DotNetBar for WPF provides an easy way to create data entry forms based on properties of an object. Here is an example screen-shot of the DataForm in action:

DotNetBar for WPF DataForm Control

DataForm can automatically enumerate public properties of your data object and create form without any input on your part. Control will determine appropriate editors based on the property type.

You can also customize which properties are editable by either marking them with the DataForm attributes or by creating 100% XAML based form definition. Of course, you can do same thing using code as well.

DataForm includes built-in support for the sub-forms with built-in collection editor. The sub-form is displayed for the Address object in the screen-shot below:

DotNetBar DataForm Control with Sub-Form Editing

The underlying editing control used by DataForm is the same control that is used to enable editing within our AdvGrid and AdvTree controls. This means that once you learn how to use it once, you don't have to learn it again. Several built-in editors are provided, including editors that have been designed specifically for boolean values, enums, numbers of all types, DateTime and TimeSpan. There is a collection editor (for both collections of complex objects and collections of primitive types) and an editor for selecting a single object from a set of objects. And there is an editor for opening of a dialog window, which may contain a DataForm, or any thing else you need. Furthermore, each editor has its own set of options for even greater flexibility.

For in-depth information about this control please take a look at DataForm Control Quick Start Guide.

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