Create Professional WPF Applications

DotNetBar Suite for WPF is toolbox of over 38 native Windows Presentation Foundation controls for creating professional WPF applications.

Office 2016 like styling added to the Ribbon, Schedule and other controls...

We obsessed over control performance and pixel level details. Result are, we are proud to say, superbly performing and looking Schedule, Ribbon and Editor Controls. We believe that professional applications must have well performed and reliable user interface and DotNetBar for WPF no doubt, will help you achieve that.

Please explore these components in detail and try the fully functional evaluation version. We are confident that you will like what you see. Here is what is included in DotNetBar for WPF:

1 Metro User Interface Controls

Create applications in latest Metro style using world's first set of Metro User Interface controls for WPF. Included are Metro Tiles, toolbars, slide panels, forms, completely automatic color scheme generation for unlimited color themes and more.

DotNetBar WPF Metro UI Controls

Click here to find out more about our Metro UI controls.


1 Calendar, Schedule Control

Wpf-Schedule is an Calendar/Schedule control with Office 2013, 2010 and 2007 styling, number of calendar views, powerful recurring appointment engine and multiple calendar users support.

WPF Schedule Control in Office 2013 Style

Click here to find out more about Wpf-Schedule.


1 Data-Grid Control

AdvGrid is data-grid control with built-in editors, data virtualization, row/column pinning and much more.

WPF Data-Grid Control with Office Like Style

Click here to find out more about our Data-Grid.


4 Office 2016 Style Wpf-Ribbon Control

This is screen-shot of our RibbonPad sample included with the control running on Windows Vista with Glass effect enabled. Notice the window title and contextual group support for Windows Vista Glass.

Office 2016 Style Wpf-Ribbon Control

Click here to find out more about Wpf-Ribbon.


6 Advanced multi-column TreeView Control

We designed our Tree control from ground up to support multiple columns, pluggable cell editors, support for virtualization, drag & drop and more.. Here is screen-shot of our advanced TreeView control:

Advanced Multi-Column WPF TreeView Control

Click here to find out more about advanced Tree control.


7 Advanced Property Grid Control

Our advanced Property Grid control allows you to provide property editing with complete appearance customization in your applications. Included are Office 2010 styles as well as Visual Studio 2010 style.

Advanced WPF Property Grid Control

Click here to find out more about our Property Grid control.


8 Navigation Pane Control

Outlook 2007 style Navigation Pane control with custom color schemes support and more. This is screen-shot of the sample that showcases Navigation Pane:

Office 2010 and 2007 Outlook style Navigation Pane Control

Click here to find out more about Navigation Pane control.


9 Date/Time Picker Control

Our Date/Time Picker control is built from scratch input control to support NULL values, custom formatting, out-of-box Office 2007 style and much more...
WPF Date Time Picker control with Office 2007 Style and NULL value support


10 Double Value Numeric Input Control

Double value input, control with custom value formatting, NULL value support, Office 2007 style and more... Use it for currency entry, percentages or any other decimal values.

WPF Numeric double type input control


11 Integer Numeric Input Control

Integer value input, control with NULL value support, custom buttons, Office 2007 style and more...
WPF Numeric integer type input control


12 Month-Calendar

Month-Calendar, control in Office 2007 style, multi-month display, multi-selection, per-day settings and more...

WPF Month Calendar Control


13 Up/Down Button

Small and useful spin button control with Office 2007 style.
WPF spin button control with Office 2007 Style


14 State Animation Control

State Animation control is designed to help you easily animate the state changes of any WPF control. See the Editors sample project included with DotNetBar for WPF for practical demonstration of this control.


15 Tab Navigation Control

Tab Navigation is an different tab control designed to present a "flow" of information and as replacement for standard tabs when advanced and different appearance is desired. See Editors sample which uses this control for an hands-on demonstration of its capabilities.

WPF Tab Navigation Control


16 Bread-Crumb Tree Navigation Control

CrumbBar is bread-crumb style tree navigation control that is designed to look and feel like Windows Vista folder navigation control.

Included are default Vista style as well as Office 2007 Blue, Silver and Black. CrumbBar fully support WPF hierarchical data-binding which is illustrated in sample included with DotNetBar for WPF download.

WPF Bread-crumb tree navigation control (CrumbBar)
CrumbBar tree navigation control with Windows Vista style


17 Color Input Control

Provide color input capabilities with color input and drop-down color picker control.

WPF ColorInput control with color picker drop-down


18 Comb Color Selection Control

Provide color selection through comb style color palette.

WPF Color Comb color selection control


19 Comb Blend Selection Control

Provide color selection through blended colors style color palette.

WPF Color Blender color selection control


20 Themed Color Selector

Provide color selection through pre-defined list of Office style colors.

WPF Office 2007/2010 Theme based color selection control


21 Button Color Picker

Button control that can be used on our Ribbon and that provides drop-down color theme selection as well as color scheme dialog. In image below we use color selector on button popup to select color.

WPF Ribbon Color Picker Button Control


22 Super Tab Control

SuperTabControl includes 6 tab styles and 14 distinct tab fact colors, close button on tabs, tab re-ordering and more.

WPF Super Tab Control


23 Drag & Drop Component

Implement drag & drop in your applications with no-code required in most cases with our drag & drop component. Please see DragDrop sample included with the controls for sample usage and available customizations.


24 Enumeration Picker

Enumeration Picker is an enumeration value selection control with complete support for enumerated types and Flags attribute. You can see it in action in AdvTree sample serving as file attributes editor.

WPF Enumeration Picker Editor


25 Brush and Color Picker

Brush and Color Picker control allows you to select and create brushes including gradients.

WPF Brush Creation Control WPF Color Picker Control


26 Rating Control

Rating control helps you provide content rating in your apps.

WPF Rating Control


27 Circular Progress Bar

Circular progress bar control for process run-time indication with endless and percentage modes.

WPF Circular Progress Bar Control


28 Advanced Toolbar Control

Advanced Toolbar control with 6 visual styles.

WPF Advanced Toolbar Control


28 DataForm Control

Easily create data-entry forms with DataForm control.

DotNetBar DataForm Control


20 Radial Menu Control

Touch and Mouse friendly Radial Menu control.

DotNetBar RadialMenu Control


31 Toggle Switch Control

Two state, mouse and touch friendly Toggle Switch control.

DotNetBar for WPF Toggle Switch Control


32 Wizard Control

Aero style Wizard control.

DotNetBar for WPF Wizard Control


32 Advanced TextBox Control

Advanced TextBox control.

DotNetBar for WPF AdvTextBox Control


32 Toast Notifications Component

A toast notification is a message that appears on the surface of the screen for specific time duration and it does not take focus, or pause current activity.

DotNetBar for WPF Toast Notifications component


34 Progress Steps Control

Progress Steps control.

DotNetBar for WPF Progress Steps Control


36 Mobile Ribbon Control

Mobile Ribbon control.

DotNetBar for WPF Mobile Ribbon Control


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