Comments about our products and services

I just want you to know that you have excellent products. We purchased the DotNetBar for Windows about a month ago and we are now up and running. You had exactly what we were looking for.
Glenn Fromer, CPA
Director of Development
Treasury Software
"By the way, you have to know that I work each day with your package, I find it fantastic and our customers like the "pro" interface. It has also to be said ;-)"
Guy Colsoul
"All too often with any type of 3rd party framework, if you need to extend the framework outside of a conventional implementation, you find yourself fighting a very upstream battle. DevComponents is so very well thought out and comprehensive as a suite, that if you can imagine an implementation, you will find DevComponents is capable of supporting that vision. For example, DevComponents support for ribbon bar merging allows for generating a plug-in based application where the plug-in is capable of completely replacing the entire ribbon bar. DevComponents technical support is 2nd to none, helpful and responsive. I highly recommend DotNetBar."
Bob O'Neil, CTS

DotNetBar wins Visual Studio Magazine Readers’ Choice Award as the Best User Interface Component for Windows Forms among more than 30 UI components. Thank you for voting and choosing DotNetBar.

"I just wanted to drop a line and say "thank you" for this incredible product. I am building things into my user interface that I never dreamt possible. The Visual Studio design-time integration is phenomenal - I can't measure how much time DotNetBar saves me over competing products which have separate designers. My application works better and looks more professional, and I have no doubt it will lead to more sales. "
R. G.
"DevComponents provides the kind of impressive customer service that actually leads to real results for their clients. This kind of outstanding service is not only rare, but it makes working with a company like DevComponents a pleasure."
Hannon Brett
Founder | Yon Software Corporation
"...just wanted to say that I love the product. You make non-graphically-creative developers like myself produce visual masterpieces! Thanks so much."
Roy Goncalves
"Awesome - your product continually provides us with a very visible competitive edge! We've been an absolutely delighted client for over a year and the support, upgrades and enhancements have been consistently excellent."
Rod Kimmel
Software On Sailboats
We used DotNetBar in one of the products that we were building for a client and immediately got hooked. We recommended it to a few of our other clients and we now have three different teams using DotNetBar. DevComponent's level of support and responsiveness have been excellent! We couldn't ask for a better dependency partner! Awesome, keep up the great work!
Mitesh Lodaya
Sr. Project Manager, CoreObjects Inc.
I've been a software developer for most of my 25+ year career. After working with the Java platform for the last eight years, I've moved back to the Windows fold, now developing in .Net and C#.

I looked forward to choosing from a large selection of high-quality Windows-based components to complement my work. Finding the DotNetBar suite from DevComponents not only fulfilled the promise, but exceeded my expectations.

Here's a suite with nearly every useful UI component you'd need, with leading-edge visuals, all the required functionality, plenty of examples to get you started, ample documentation, and fast and helpful technical support. All at a bargain price.

When you pair a product like DotNetBar with the efficiency of the .Net framework, you get productivity gains that developers on other platforms can only dream of. The results are stunning as well.

DotNetBar makes building contemporary and elegant user interfaces a breeze. I recommend it highly to any .Net developer.
Lew Hollerbach
Founder & Software Architect
DigiFlite, LLC
Former IT industry analyst (Aberdeen Group)
I just wanted to say the DotNetBar suite is awesome! I bought DotNetBar & the Pro. Icon Pack and they are simply the best for the money. I just program in my spare time but I finally can make sweet looking programs with barely any effort! 2 thumbs up guys/gals!
Thanks for your quick response. It was just what I needed. Your support is second to none.
Ian White
... I got some feedback from some outside testers that the new tooltips (SuperTooltips) "we" did are amazing, clear and easy to read. Nice job :)
Chris Schirlinger
I have completed the evaluation of the DotNetBar using Visual Studio.NET 2005, base on my findings the products is Fantastic and that is in comparison to 7 other similar products including DotNetMagic, which was one of the better one but fail in the selection process because it was every difficult to implement.
During my evaluation I have found DevComponent Support to be exceptional, fantastic they where every quick to respond to my questions and had the answers I needed.
One only thing that could be improved is documentation, however their very well coded and documented examples compensates for this also I didn’t get the Image Control to work with the DotNetBarManager, which could be because I am using the Visual Studio.NET Beta
To summarise DotNetBar is an excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone.
We would like to tell you that so far we are extremely satisfied with the support that you have given us, and the fast response to our feature requests and the errors we have reported. Sometimes we almost feel that you guys are a part of our own company :-) (DotNetBar)
Jonas Bergman, Epani Systems AB, Sweden
"Microsoft is pleased to be working with in delivering customers a comprehensive solution," said Mark Anders at Microsoft. "The combination of DotNetBar and Visual Studio .NET and .NET Framework will provide an easy to use solution to meet the needs of our mutual customers."
Mark Anders, Microsoft
DevComponents' DotNetBar is a great component for menus and toolbars. Also, support/responsiveness is excellent...
Jason Sellers
" DotNetBar provides a valuable solution for developers that want to provide Office XP or Office 2000 user interface elements in their applications," said John Montgomery, group product manager of the Developer and Platform Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp. "Microsoft is excited to be working with DevComponents to offer customers an easy-to-use and manage solution to enhance development with the Microsoft .NET Platform."
John Montgomery, Microsoft
I love this control! (DotNetBar)
James Hancock
FYI, I absolutely love the product (DotNetBar). Totally worth the money. Keep up the good work....
Tom Moseley

I am very impressed with you and your company's commitment to resolve issues. Your quick resolution of my problem was above and beyond my expectations. Thank you so much. (DotNetBar)
Jan Lange
The DotNetBar component suite has enabled us to build an application with a complex and sophisticated user interface in a relatively short amount of time. As a developer I found it an absolute joy to use and would highly recommend it!
Ed Wilde, PH3 London UK
Prior to working with your HTML parsing component, we were parsing large HTML tables using Microsoft's MSHTML. Because of the marshalling required for MSHTML and .NET to communicate, it was taking 9.2 seconds and spiking the CPU to 100% to process our data for that duration. With your component, we are now doing the same thing, using standard XML classes mind you, in .4 seconds with a quick spike of the CPU to 80% for that short amount of time. Considering this is an iterative task that happens thousands of times per day, the CPU savings are astounding. The component has even handled malformed HTML quite well. I want to thank you again for a great tool. (HTMLDocument)
Kevin, DragonPoint, Inc.
DotNetBar Rules! Had to shot you guys a quick mail telling how much I have enjoyed using your DotNetBar. The samples are dead on (good thing because I am by no means a developer), the editor too just rocks.
Mike Mercer, Microsoft
We think you have the best, fastest and most solid .NET user interface suite in the market and the new Diamond Docking functionality is really state-of-the-art and way ahead of competition. Nice job!
Thomas Hansen
I purchased DotNetBar a few month ago to integrate it into our planning software. Now, each day I can appreciate the efficiency of your component as I can do whatever I want. It is a wonderful component and I want to thank you for your job.
Stéphane M.
You gave us a very big pleasure implementing our feature so quick. DevComponents is really doing a great job and your manner of collaboration with your customers is a delightful experience we never had before.
Kurt Messlinger
"For six years now I've used HelpKit to deliver market research reports to my clients. It's a wonderful product and DevComponents has helped me more than once get up to speed on advanced uses of it."
Dan Baker, Research Director, Dittberner Associates