Color Scheme Designers

Here are two of web-base color scheme/palette generators that I find I use whenever I need to come up with decent color scheme. You can really use them for either desktop or web apps when you need to find harmonious colors that go well together.

First is Color Scheme Designer. Super easy to use and has color simulation mode so you can see how your color scheme looks to people that are color blind.


Adobe kuler is another color scheme generator that  is good if you are looking for pre-defined color schemes, there are ton of them there… You can create your own as well, but I think Color Scheme Designer is better fit for that task.



404 Disaster

I just got shocked by this 404 page. Yes, it says it is 500, but actually it is 404. What where they thinking? Can I cram the message in every single language on one page? Yep, they certainly tried.

404 Disaster

Can you imagine message box designed by same committee? Yep, something like this:


Seriously, I shudder…


The two most precious resources for any small-business owner are time and money. That’s why when the subject of intellectual property comes up, many owners run in the other direction. They see images of expensive lawyers and use that as an excuse to ignore the topic, reasoning that it is a problem for big companies to worry about.

Some sound advice from this Small Business New York Times column. Here is short take from the article:

  • Securing your intellectual property involves more than patents. Trademarks, trade dress and even Web site addresses are all part of I.P.

  • Think strategically when it comes to international rights. Start with countries where you might sell.

  • Don’t sit on unused I.P. Use it to open additional revenue streams or bring about new partnerships through licensing.


This User Interface was really groundbreaking especially when you look at it now almost 30 years later. Click here to see some scans of high quality polaroids of the screen of the Xerox Star 8010 workstation taken back when this workstation was launched, 1981.

Xerox Star 8010 from 1981

Back in 1981 I was building my first crystal radio which is simple radio receiver that does not need battery. It is powered by radio waves… Fascinating, but I’d liked more to work on Xerox Star UI 🙂

What were you doing?


Unusual User Interface Design

Take a look at this UI design from Mac application Bodega:

Bodega Application Window

Note how they use window awning to simulate storefront, which is what that application does. It helps you discover applications for Mac, like virtual store. Even the advertisement signs are hanging up there and they wave with nice animation as you move the application window around. Nice touch.

It is unusual design but it does look good, it is fresh and you won’t confuse it with something else. What more can you ask for?

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