Hello Good People!

Today we releasing 11.1 version of DotNetBar with often asked for multi-column support on ComboBoxEx drop-down and virtual data mode in SuperGrid when using data-binding for quick, easy, and fast automatic binding to existing data with thousands or millions of rows.

Multi-column drop-down is now built into the ComboBoxEx control and its activated when you set DataSource and DropDownColumns properties. Control will switch to multi-column display mode and it will display specified fields on drop-down:

Multi Column ComboBox Control

Multi Column ComboBox Control

Multi-column drop-down by default can be resized and close button for drop-down is visible. Control will automatically create column header text based on field names, but they can be easily changed by setting DropDownColumnsHeaders property.

SuperGrid control now can be used in virtual mode while using data-binding. Virtual mode can be enabled for every type of supported bound data (IList, IListSource, IBindingSource, DataTable, DataSet).

To do this, simply set the VirtualMode property and establish your DataSource and DataMember bindings as normal. Do not set the VirtualRowCount as this will be maintained automatically from the bound data-source. The SuperGrid will do the rest and perform all on-demand loading, updating, and purging of bound data rows. All row insertions, deletions, and updates are fully supported for both Virtual and non-VirtualMode bound data.

Note that all the inherent characteristics of VirtualMode interaction apply to bound data just as they do to non-bound data – in particular, nested panels and nested rows are not permitted and all rows are of equal set height (VirtualRowHeight).

There are more than 45 new features and fixes in this release. Here are detailed Release Notes.

Do not forget that our online Knowledge Base is getting updated constantly and is great source of information and tips on DotNetBar usage.

You can download the latest build of DotNetBar at http://www.devcomponents.com/