Todays update to DotNetBar includes ability for AdvTree control to host DotNetBar Items in cells. While cells can host any Windows Forms controls already, controls are fairly “heavy” and resource intensive. DotNetBar items are light-weight and super fast and so are great alternative to use instead of controls whenever possible.

Here is how to host items in cells:

Select AdvTree Node and go to Cells collection.

Click … collection edit button to show collection editor, then click Add to create new cell that will host an item:

Select newly created Cell and then select its HostedItem property:

Show item creation popup and select item that you want to host in cell:

And that’s it.

There is a small limitation to item hosting. You cannot host items that directly show popups. You can however assign content menus to such items and show popups that way if needed.

Here is also small sample project that shows this in action: