Next major DotNetBar for Windows Forms 7.3 release is around the corner and it includes major new control: Advanced TreeView.

Advanced TreeView has been written from ground up to replace standard TreeView and add advanced features like multiple node selection, multi-columns, 3-state checkboxes in nodes, radio-buttons, our own text-markup support, node Super Tooltip and Node context menu support and much more. It has great looking Office 2007 style with matching scrollbars and node selection styling.

Here is screen-shot from Tree Control sample that will be included with 7.3 release:

Advanced TreeView control

This screen-shot shows following features:

  • Node styling and optional node style spanning control width to create headers
  • Check-box with 3-state support per node cell
  • Option button support
  • Each node cell can contain any combination of image, text and check-boxes
  • Node cell parts orientation can be either horizontal or vertical

Advanced Tree control supports multiple columns with fixed and relative column width. Relative column width allows you to specify the column width using percentage of the current control width so you can easily ensure that columns fit into the available space. End-users can also change the column width, but you can disable that functionality as well.

Here is screen-shot that illustrates what you could do with that feature:

Tree Control with multiple columns

There are also following advanced features included:

  • Automatic Drag & Drop support with informational events fired during drag & drop operation for complete control.
  • Fantastic Drag & Drop Visual Feedback. Advanced TreeView provides excellent visual feedback while nodes are dragged including dragged node ghost image.
    Here is a screen-shot that illustrates that:

Advanced TreeView Control Drag & Drop Support

  • Multiple node selection support through MultiSelect property. You can also change multi-selection rule
    to specify that only nodes belonging to same parent can be selected (default) or all nodes.
  • 3 Selected Node Styles. Highlight cells style, full row select style and node marker.
  • Control over node connector style. Change line type, color or thickness or hide connector completely.
  • 4 Expand buttons styles including Windows Vista like style and custom expand button images.
  • Node Expand button visibility control. You have complete control over expand button visibility.
  • Node hot-tracking support. Highlight the mouse over node when enabled using HotTracking property.

The Release Candidate is already available to all existing subscribers while we are putting finishing touches on final release. Stay tuned for more in coming days…

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