Hi Everyone,

Couple of days ago we posted first build of our all new product: DotNetBar for Silverlight. DotNetBar for Silverlight is written from ground-up for Silverlight platform and in this first version we are including Schedule/Calendar control, Navigation Pane and nice analog Clock controls. Here is screen-shot of our Silverlight scheduler control:

Highlight of this release is our Schedule control. We included Day, Week, Month and Timeline views. There is MVVM support out of box. There is rich recurring appointments engine. Multiple resources are supported. The API that you use to work with appointments is same across all platforms we develop for: WPF, WinForms and Silverlight which means that if you have code which is written to work against our CalendarModel you can port it as is when you move through platforms.

Check-out live-demo page for an demonstration of these new controls right inside your browser. Live-demo will update as we finalize this release.

We are working feverishly so you will see more new controls added in coming weeks (ribbon, hint, ribbon). Click-here to download DotNetBar for Silverlight. Please feel free to let me know if you experience any problems or would like to request new Silverlight controls that we should add. Mini Scheduler web-site.

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