Happy New Year Everyone!

We are starting New Year with new version of DotNetBar for Windows Forms 7.1. There are over 40 new features and enhancements in this release. DotNetBar for Windows Form now gives you 38 controls to create professional user interface with ease.

As usual you can find detailed release notes in help file.

DotNetBar works great with Visual Studio.NET 2008 and this new release will automatically integrate DotNetBar with Visual Studio 2008.

We added completely new control in this release: Horizontal and Vertical Advanced Scrollbars in Office 2007 style. Now you can replace standard scroll-bars with the great looking new ones. Here is screen-shot that shows new controls:

DotNetBar Horizontal and Vertical Scrollbar in Office 2007 style

Notice that we have 2 styles: Standard style, which is has lighter color scheme and Application style, which has darker color scheme. Advanced Scroll-bar control will of course change its color scheme based on the Office 2007 color scheme you are using and it works great with custom generated color schemes as well.

Other enhancements in 7.1 release include:

  • Vertical layout style for Slider control
  • Text-markup support for Office 2007 Form caption
  • Watermark behavior control for input controls where appropriate
  • New installer with Visual Studio 2008 support
  • Much, much more…

Fully function trial version is, as usual, available on DotNetBar for Windows Forms site.

We have some very nice additions coming in future, stay tuned 😉

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