Just before holidays, here is another major release of DotNetBar for WPF. This new version adds Outlook 2007 Style Navigation Pane control.

This control has all functional, visual and customization option as Navigation Pane that you can see in Outlook 2007 and then some. It is extremely easy to use and you should be up and running with this new control in no time. Make sure to check out new Navigation Pane sample that is included with this release since that is all you need to see to get started.
Here is screen-shot that shows this new control with system and custom color schemes:

Navigation Pane WPF Control

Read more about WPF Navigation Pane control that is part of DotNetBar for WPF.

Here are some features included:

  • Office 2007 styles: Blue, Silver, Black and custom color scheme support
  • Full scale customization options
  • Large and small button choice for pane items
  • Minimize/Maximize support with popup for content when control is minimized
  • Localization Support
  • Right-To-Left support

DotNetBar for WPF now includes 3 controls for building professional WPF applications: Office 2007 Style Ribbon Control, Office 2007 Style Docking Control and Outlook 2007 Style Navigation Pane Control.

You can read more about DotNetBar for WPF here. Fully functional trial is also available so make sure to try it.

Stay tuned for more in coming weeks 😉

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