Today’s DotNetBar for WinForms update, contains improvements to Schedule control that many of you have been asking for. Now you can control time display in Day/Week view. Default view shows the working and non-working hours as specified on CalendarModel.WorkDays.WorkStartTime/WorkEndTime, i.e. you see 24 hours or whole day. Here is image that shows default view, notice that non-working hours have gray background:

But if you set CalendarView.ShowOnlyWorkDayHours=true you will see only working hours displayed on calendar. This image shows that, notice that non-working hours are not visible:

Images on appointments

Latest release also adds easy way to assign images to appointment. On each model Appointment object there are two properties you can use to do so:

  • Appointment.ImageKey – Specifies the key of the image in the ImageList that you assign to CalendarView.Images property.
  • Appointment.ImageAlign – Specifies the alignment of the image inside of appointment.

Here is screen-shot of two appointments with images assigned:

Yellow appointment has default image alignment, which is top-left, and blue appointment has bottom-right image alignment.

Release with these new features is available now.

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