There is fine line between exploring and being utterly lost. While former is fun, latter is usually frustrating. Exploring involves having grasp of where you are and vision of where you are heading and it is this knowledge and state of the mind that separates it from being lost.

Thus we should start our learning with at least some sense of direction, understanding of what are we trying to accomplish, to avoid jumping in with both feet and being utterly lost.

Writing code is a lot like exploring and being lost. In most cases you start seeing real issues only after you are under way. Rarely you have everything worked-out up front and devil is in the details, as it is said.

You can easily recognize the code that was written by utterly lost developer. It is good old spaghetti code that is result of muddy thinking and no direction running in circles around itself. It usually can be replaced with purpose written code of clear thinker that is 1/10th of the size. The difference is in preparation.

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