We just released DotNetBar for WPF 5.5 which includes all new Timeline view for calendar/schedule control. Timeline view is designed to display continuous schedule for one or multiple resources. You can optionally display condensed (bird-eye) view of the schedule below each timeline that can be used for easy schedule “surfing”.

Here is screen-shot of the Timeline view:

Time-slot duration in this view is fully customizable. In screen-shot above we used 30 minutes as single time-slot duration, but you can set it to any value you want, even whole day or couple of days. That way you can zoom in or out of the schedule view. This makes this view very useful for representing for example factory production schedule.

Another commonly asked for feature was hit-testing. In this release we include CalendarView.HitTest method that will give you plenty of information about the point inside of the calendar control.

If you have DotNetBar for WPF license you can download latest release on Customer Only web site. There is also full functional trial version available.

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