We’ve been busy as bees lately and it is evident in this new release :-). Let’s start with the biggest addition which is Time-line view for Schedule/Calendar control.

Time-line is designed to display schedule of multiple-resources on single screen. It also provides condensed (bird-eye) view of the schedule and allows you to control time units so you can zoom in/out and display calendar for part of day or for whole year.

Here is screen-shot of the new time-line view:

Note that below the appointments for each resource you can display the condensed (bird-eye) schedule view. That condensed view may display year worth of schedule or whatever period you find appropriate, it is completely customizable. You can also click and drag the mouse over the condensed view to “surf” the schedule.

Here is screen-shot  of the schedule where time-line interval is set to 2 hours:

Changing time-line interval is useful if you need to display events on calendar that span half-day or more, for example factory production schedules etc.

Time-line view with condensed, bird-eye view is unique to our schedule control and you will not find it anywhere else.

We also improved Office 2010 styling for our Ribbon control. While style is not finalized yet and it will not be until Office 2010 goes into the RTM, we continue on polishing it. Included with latest release is Blue color scheme. Here is screen-shot of our RibbonPad sample running on Windows 7 with Glass effect enabled:

Here is same screen-shot without Glass enabled:

Final big addition in this release is to AdvTree control data-binding functionality. Using ParentFieldNames property you can specify the ID and parent ID field names in your bound data-source that will be used to create tree from flat table. This feature is an addition to our auto-grouping feature so you can choose what fits best your usage scenario.

There are over 45 new features and enhancements in this release so it is a big update that is 100% backwards compatible. You uninstall old version, install new one, recompile and you are ready to go. Simple like that.

If you already own DotNetBar head over to Customer Only web site and download latest release. If you do not own DotNetBar you must give it a try.

I want thank everyone that helped us shape this release (especially our new hire Brian) and wish all of you Happy New Year. Stay productive people!

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