That is conclusion that Paul Graham came to after financing number of technology startups. You can read his essay here. I highly recommend it.

Which college founders of startups he financed attended, did not influence in any measurable way whether startup they created succeeded or failed. This should be a must read article for the H.R. professionals and anyone that is trying to hire people.

While this is nothing new to me, I have seen it number of times where companies and individuals were influenced and were specifically looking for the people that attended “special” brand-name colleges. To me, it does not make sense but it happens all the time.

My experience is different and inline with what Paul Graham saw. Some of the best developers I worked with, did not attend brand-name colleges. Some of them did not even have a college education which is something to think about.  Some of the very successful entrepreneurs that I know did not attend brand-name colleges either or did not have college education.

I would oppose Paul Graham and say that even high intelligence of founders does not influence whether startup will succeed or fail. It is not how high your intelligence is that dictates success, it is how you use what you have. 

You can have greatest tools in the world but if you do not use them effectively they will not do you much good…

You should hire based on what someone actually did, not which school they attended.

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