Announcing DotNetBar for WPF 2.0. I am happy to announce that we just released next generation of our WPF controls: DotNetBar for WPF 2.0.

DotNetBar for WPF includes our world’s first Wpf-Ribbon control and all new world’s first Docking control in Office 2007 style Wpf-Dock that will help you create professional WPF applications with unparalleled ease. I am sorry that we had to keep this new control under wraps until now, but we did not want our dear competitors to start their copiers yet 😉

Wpf-Dock is fully featured Docking control with Auto-Hide functionality, Document Docking, Diamond Docking guides and much more. It is also first control of its kind in Office 2007 style with stock Blue, Silver and Black color schemes as well as custom color creation algorithm based on single color so you can create great looking color schemes by specifying only single color.

Read more about Wpf-Dock at:

You can also download fully functional trial version as well as see the screen-shots of the control in action there.

Thank you so much for using our controls. Your success defines ours. We have more exciting things in work so stay tuned 😉

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