This is part 2 of my post from yesterday.
So what happens when you click the Start/File button? Here is screenshot:

This popup menu in Office 2007 black color scheme is just an example of rich menu
functionality provided by DotNetBar. And it does not even uses the text-markup (which
it could) to really enhance its appearance.

Menu system in DotNetBar is now very sophisticated and allows you to create very rich
menus that are long way from the standard one column menus.

Using containers (ItemContainer object) you can group the items in
almost any way imaginable and create two, three (and more) column style menus
and combine the horizontal and vertical menu item layouts easily.

Through styling (ItemContainer.BackgroundStyle) you can visually enhance the container
appearance to create some very interesting effects like the menu in the screenshot
above. Best of all, everything can be done without writing any code and
completely in Windows Forms VS.NET designer.

So what else is new in upcoming release? Stay tuned for next post 🙂

If you have active DotNetBar subscription you can download this release today under
Upcoming releases. Final release is coming really soon. I appreciate any feedback
and suggestions on new functionality as always.

Denis Basaric, DevComponents LLC.

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