We just posted new build of DotNetBar for WPF 5.4 and we included all new Office 2010 style with silver color scheme. Here is screen-shot, it looks absolutely beautiful on Windows 7 or Vista with Glass enabled (click on image for full-size):

DotNetBar for WPF with Office 2010 Style, Silver color scheme

Now, the Office 2010 is still in beta and visuals are being worked on so you can bet that styling will change in final release. This is just first cut and we will track and make changes as the designs are finalized. You can also expect more color schemes in future.

Hope you like it. Full functional trial version can be downloaded by clicking here. Customers please visit Customer Only web site to download latest build.

We are already working on next release. Let me know what you need and would like us to include in future releases.

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