We just posted new version DotNetBar 6.7, with over 40 new features and enhancements. Highlight of this release is Office 2007 Style DataGridView drop-in replacement control. If you are using DataGridView control in your applications you just need to replace it with DataGridViewX control included with DotNetBar 6.7 and… Voilà, no code changes needed, you have great looking DataGridView control in Office 2007 Style. Here is screenshot from the sample we included with DotNetBar 6.7:

DotNetBar 6.7 with Office 2007 Style DataGridView Control

Here are some of other new features:

  • Help button support for Office 2007 Form
  • Visual enhancements for tabs in Office 2007 Style
  • On-focus highlighting ability for TextBoxX control
  • Automatic multi-line support for ButtonItem controls on RibbonBar control
  • Control over the level of details displayed by Super Tooltip control
  • Much, much more… Complete release notes as usual are in the help file.

DotNetBar now includes total of 31 controls that will help you create the best looking Office 2007 Style applications, no doubt about it. You can download fully functional trial version at: http://www.devcomponents.com/dotnetbar/

Thank you for using DotNetBar!

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