Today we released new version of DotNetBar 5.8
which among many other things includes an enhanced Office 2007 style and a dramatically
improved menu system.

Ribbon Control implementation now includes an Office 2007 style Start button,
an integrated form caption, and an Office 2007 style form.
By using these new features you can implement a user interface that is very close
to Office 2007. Ribbon
tutorial has also been updated to show how to work with new features.

Here is screenshot from RibbonPad sample in Office 2007 Black Color scheme:

Notice number of new features:

  • Office 2007 Style start button in top-left corner. You can find template images in
    Images sub-folder inside of DotNetBar main installation folder if you want
    to create your own customized button
  • Two-column menus with mixed layouts, vertical and horizontal
  • Office 2007 Style form where contextual tab groups are displayed partially in form
  • Quick Access Toolbar, next to the start button

We’ve also added a new ItemPanel control, it is a super-flexible container for
any DotNetBar item like buttons, labels, etc. The ItemPanel supports automatic scrolling,
complex containers, fading, and more. We’ve also included a sample that illustrates
how to create an Office 2007 style chart picker dialog. It’s worth taking a
look at….. Here is screenshot:

There are many other new features and enhancements in this release including Office
2007 style forms so your application has consistent look and feel throughout.

More information and fully functional trial version is available on our web
. Enjoy 🙂

Denis Basaric, DevComponents LLC.

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