New version of DotNetBar for WPF 5.3 is just around corner and based on your requests we’ve included the option for fine control over the time slot size in our Schedule control. Time slots in Day and Week views by default have the 30 minute duration. This is best visible in image below:

WPF Schedule Time Slot

With new release though, you can change the time slot duration by simply setting TimeSlotDuration property. Here is how the same calendar view looks like with TimeSlotDuration is set to 10 minutes:

Schedule Control Time Slot Set To 10 Minutes

There is another new option included that goes hand in hand with time slot control; Time slot labels. Now you can set LabelTimeSlots property to true to label each time slot with its starting time like so:

Labels for Schedule Control Time Slots

Wpf-Schedule is I believe, the best WPF schedule control available and with these new features we’ve added there is even more usage scenarios it can be used for. It is reliable and tested and used every day. If you are in need of a great Schedule control you must try it out.

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