I created TweetPow (free) as showcase of couple UI components included with DotNetBar for Windows Forms, but little app took life of its own and it has been very popular with thousands of downloads. Recently I published an update that adds some nice features that you’ve been asking for.

With this update as you move mouse over tweets, you will see the 3 small buttons displayed next to the tweet that allow you to:

  1. Reply to tweet
  2. Send direct message to author of the tweet
  3. Received notifications when author posts new updates

TweetPow Powered By DotNetBar

This 3rd option is very nice. Now you can be notified on new updates by authors you choose. The notifications will be standard Windows notifications in system tray, or if you use Growl notification system, TweetPow will display Growl notifications. Nice!

I use TweetPow every day and find it very useful. For my needs it is the best Twitter app. Well, that’s not suprising since I created it for my own usage 🙂

So, there you have it. New TweetPow, try it, you might like it. It is free.

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