This is just hot off of our software printing press 🙂 New release is out!!! There
are many major new features, but also we focused a lot on getting small details right.
There are over 50 new features and enhancements in this release which
I am sure you will enjoy.

Major additions:

  • Ribbon Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) Customization + Positioning.
    You can fully customize QAT and change its position. You can save and restore customized
    layout easily. See RibbonPad sample for an example of this feature in action.


  • New Office 2007 like Tab control styles

  • DotNetBarManager Command Links. See Notepad sample as well as help file which contain
    more information about this feature.

  • Lot of small, but significant, style improvements on Ribbon control and other
    related controls

As usual you can download fully functional trial version at:


Denis Basaric, DevComponents LLC.

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