While most folks relax over the holidays we’ve been busy improving DotNetBar. As result today we released the 6.4 release which adds new Office 2007 style slider control, both as stand-alone control and light-weight item that you can use on your ribbon control, menus, toolbars and almost anywhere else our items are used. Here is small screenshot of that control:

DotNetBar Office 2007 style Slider Control

We paid very close attention to the control styling and developers that have been using it as beta release say that is the best slider implementation available. I tend to agree, but I am biased 🙂

Try it out, fully functional trial is at: http://www.dotnetbar.com and if you own license already head to our Customer Only web site and download latest release.

There is also lot small improvements in this release to that are just too numerous to list, but as usual you can find details in release notes.
With new Slider control we now include total of 28 controls in DotNetBar Suite, and we are far from done 😉

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