Another month another new release… This time we added 3 new controls to the suite and there are total of over 35 new features and enhancements. As usual you can find the release notes in help file. So what are the big additions?

  1. GroupPanel control which is replacement for the not so good looking GroupBox control that ships with VS.NET. We provide the Office 2007 style and skinned Office 2007 style scrollbars with the control. Text-markup is of course supported as well. Here is screen-shot of that control:
    GroupPanel controls screenshot
  2. TextBoxX control which is drop-in replacement for TextBox. This control derives from standard TextBox so you can easily replace references to TextBox in your project. Nice thing about it is that it supports all functionality of TextBox while it adds the Office 2007 styling with scrollbars as well as the watermark text support (which supports markup). Here is a screen-shot of that control:
    TextBoxX control screenshot
  3. ComboBoxEx control which is drop-in replacement for the ComboBox. Supports complete ComboBox functionality but it adds nice Office 2007 look and feel and watermark text support. Here is screen-shot of that control:
    CombBoxEx Control screen-shot

DotNetBar now includes 27 controls that help you create great looking Office 2007 style UI’s really easy. We also added new sample to show these new controls in action. See DropInControls sample included with DotNetBar install.
Head over to for trial version download and details on new features.

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