Throughout my carrier I’ve been amazed that companies that employ professionals nickel and dime them to death on hours worked.

I remember one company I used to work for. They expected that you work your 8 hours, be in your chair plugging away on keyboard all the time. You had to take 1 hour lunch break, whether you like it or not, and you had two 15 minutes breaks in those 8 hours. And yes, it was developer job and it was not consulting either.

I’ve seen this again and again and never really understood how this can be good for the company.

The problem with companies like this is complete lack of trust in people they employ. They think everyone is out to rip them off so they treat their employees like thieves. I understand that they’ve been burned in past by employees not being productive so they think everyone is like that.

Yes, I’ve seen people not doing any work for months at a time without any repercussions and while being fully paid. They show up for 8 hours a day, but don’t produce anything, so what good is it to mandate strict hours?

I believe that most people have professional pride in the work they do. Accounting for every single working minute does not at all address what you really pay them to do, which is productive meaningful work.

Quickly fire people that don’t produce and give freedom and flexibility to people that do. But for that, you have to have management that is able and capable to make quick and decisive decisions which is problem in lot of companies. Instead, they come up with stop-watch nickel and dime working policies…

Never that will be the case here at DevComponents…

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