No, it is not released….. Yet. We are still testing the 6.0 build, but I had to begin sharing the good stuff we’ve been working on. There is just so much of it 🙂

In this post I will highlight the completely new DotNetBar Docking Windows, Menus and Toolbars designer. Many of you asked for easier on the form creation of dockable windows, menus and toolbars without using our popup dialog designer.

I am delighted to report that in 6.0 the designer interaction is all new and you create, manage, and change dockable windows, menus, and toolbars directly on the form using the Visual Studio 2005 designer verbs (either through right-click or action menu for the control).

There is no more external popup dialog designer since all operations can be performed directly on the form. You can also add the content for your dockable windows using simple drag & drop.

So how does all that look like? Here is the Movie Tutorial for the 6.0 dockable windows feature that shows all this in action. It is about 3 MB large. Check it out.

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