Today we release DotNetBar 5.3 with native .NET Framework 2.0 build. You can find
it in Framework20 subfolder of main DotNetBar installation folder. File name is devcomponents.dotnetbar2.dll.
If you decide to use it you will need to change assembly name entry
in your licenses.licx file to DevComponents.DotNetBar2

What’s different in .NET Framework 2.0 build?

.NET Framework 2.0 build uses new TextRenderer class which should
provide faster text drawing and better appearance with regards to kerning etc. .NET
Framework 1.0 build will also continue to work with .NET Framework 2.0 without any
problems and it is fully compatible. Even though standard build is compiled with the
.NET Framework 1.0 it does not mean that you are dependent on any particular framework
version. In fact version of .NET Framework your application is using will be used
by DotNetBar as well. For example if you are using .NET Framework 2.0 in your application
then DotNetBar will be using that as well and you do not have any dependency on any
other version of .NET Framework.
What else is new?

At the request of many customers we added feature to Tab Control and Tab Strip control
so you can have close button displayed on each tab. Close button appearance can be
fully customized and you can use your own images for close button states. Check out
Notepad sample for an example of this new feature in action. There are 25 other new
features and enhancements in this release fully covered in release notes.

Denis Basaric, DevComponents LLC.

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