95% of all business advice is worthless the minute you hear it. True, there are timeless business lessons out-there, but most of the stuff that you can read today you can safely ignore.

Why? All advice is given from the perspective and unique conditions at that point in time of the person that is dispensing it.

Take for example today’s post by David @ 37 Signals on how the web lost faith in charging money for stuff. The 37 Signals belief is that you must charge for apps, and if you don’t, then that’s just plain not right way to build business. But, this advice is specific to 37 Signals and their unique conditions. It is specific to their current belief system that says that you must charge for stuff to have successful business.


What if founders of YouTube decided to charge for YouTube service instead of making it free? Would it gain such popularity to end up being sold for $1.65 billion to Google? I doubt it.

What about Hotmail which Microsoft acquired for $400 million? If it weren’t free would it be so popular and have $400 million valuation? I doubt it.

Would 37 Signals have same level of success without open-source, free Rails which they used as fantastic marketing vehicle? I doubt it.

There is place for everything. There is place for free, there is place for paid and there is place for open source. What you use depends on your conditions, your business and what’s going on at that point in time in marketplace.

That’s why say that that 95% of all business advice is worthless. It is good food for thought, but not worth much more. It is too specific to the unique conditions of the person dispensing it… Come up with your own stuff and do it your own way and then you’ll succeed.

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