I mentioned in my previous post on new IP Address Input control that it supports free-text entry. We have also added free-text entry support to our other input controls IntegerInput, DoubleInput and DateTimeInput.

ButtonFreeText property is there so you can hide/show free text button , change its image etc. Using FreeTextEntryMode property you can toggle the free-text entry mode from code. You can also set AutoOffFreeTextEntry property to false to turn-off free-text entry automatically when input field loses focus.

The support for custom parsing of entered values is there as well. You handle the ConvertFreeTextEntry event, parse the ValueEntered, set the ControlValue to the typed value you want control to use, set IsValueConverted=true to indicate that you parsed it and that’s all.

We provide some simple parsing in DateTimeInput so in free text entry mode you can type: today, now, tomorrow or yesterday and control will fill in desired date and time.

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