Well, after long time in development and testing we released TreeGX today. TreeGX
will help you present hierarchical data in fresh different way. Your only choice so
far was to use Tree control which is good but you know the saying, when all you have
is a hammer everything starts looking like a nail 🙂 and regular boring tree control
ends up being used for all hierarchical data presentation.

But lets really do a visual side by side comparison. Take a look at picture below,
it is exactly same data presented in standard Windows Forms (WinForms) Tree Control
and with TreeGX:

TreeGX vs standard Tree Control

I know what I would choose… And based on feedback we’ve got from developers that
are using TreeGX in production applications, (which they presented to their end
users), they love it as well.

Of course, you should not rush and replace all your trees with TreeGX, even though
I would love if you do that 😉 I recommend carefully evaluating how you present hierarchical
data and see whether TreeGX does better job for your case. And you’ll know it as soon
as you try it and see it… So, go download
it now

You can download fully functional version here: http://www.devcomponents.com/treegx/

Oh, did I mention that all licenses include full source code?

Denis Basaric, DevComponents LLC.

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