Wow, what a release. I am going to venture and say that this is probably the most
important DotNetBar release in 5 years. So much new stuff that will really help you
out and jazz up your applications… Where do I start?

  1. Office 12 Ribbon Control, fully featured Ribbon control and we are
    first to release something like this. Now this is not just some renderer on top of
    Toolstrip, this is real working control with Ribbon tabs, Ribbon bars, KeyTips, fade
    etc. Rendering and look and feel on this control is amazing,
    if I say so myself 🙂
  2. Office 12 Super Tooltips with 18 color schemes, you are going
    to love this
  3. Menus and toolbars with Office 12 style
  4. Navigation Bar control is updated to support expand/collapse just
    like in Office 12
  5. Expandable Panel control
  6. And there is much more…

DotNetBar has now 16 Controls that you can use to create really nice
and usable applications in no time.

I recommend investing less than 10 minutes of your time and watch the Ribbon
. We created fresh ones and you will be able to get up and running with
Ribbon control quickly.

You can get more information on DotNetBar and download fully functional trial
version here

Be sure to check out RibbonPad sample

I want to thank all our customers for their feedback and for using this release long
before it was ready. You helped us make it so much better.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Denis Basaric, DevComponents LLC.

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