Today we are releasing DotNetBar for WPF 7.7 with 3 brand new controls: Advanced TextBox, Toast Notifications component and Progress Steps control.

Advanced TextBox control extends standard WPF TextBox by adding several new features like bindable SecurePassword property and password “peek” ability, auto-complete support, masking to enforce specific format on the text input and more.



Please make sure to check out AdvTextBox Knowledge Base article for more details.

Toast Notifications component provides ability to display a message that appears on the surface of the screen for specific time duration and it does not take focus, or pause current activity.


Progress Steps control helps you present progress of a multi-step process:


Please make sure to check out ProgressSteps Knowledge Base article for more details.

DotNetBar for WPF now includes over 38 controls that help you create professional WPF Applications with ease. If you have current DotNetBar license download latest release on Customer Only web site. Fully functional trial version is also available. We are working on even more major new exciting features and please do not hesitate to send me your feedback and wishes. Thank you for using our controls and please let me know how you like them.

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