Hi Everyone,

Today we are releasing 11.7 version of DotNetBar with Cell Merging functionality for SuperGrid control. Cell merging has been long requested feature and we’ve been working on it for a while now and have implemented really flexible and expansive functionality for you. Here are couple of images to illustrate that. First image shows column header merging:

DotNetBar SuperGrid Column Header Merge

Here is an example of cell merge, notice how cells are merged vertically and horizontally:

DotNetBar SuperGrid Cell Merge

Here are some of the features of SuperGrid Merge:

  • Merging helps you unclutter the grid display and makes data easier to evaluate
  • Merging is available in all grid modes: bound, unbound, virtual etc.
  • Great merging performance even with large data sets
  • Merge cells and column headers vertically or horizontally
  • Style each merge area individually
  • User can fully interact with grouped column headers (move, resize, click, etc.)
  • Text-markup fully supported for merged headers

There are over 20 other new features and fixes in this release. If you have current DotNetBar license download latest release on Customer Only web site. Fully functional trial version is also available. Thank you so much for using our controls. As always, we are already working on adding even more useful functionality to help you create professional apps with ease.

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