Today we are releasing DotNetBar for WPF 7.3 with shiny new DataForm control which makes it easy for you to create editable forms. DataForm control can create editable form without any input on your parts by examining properties on your object and creating appropriate editors for each editable property. Of course, you can specify which properties will be displayed and which editors will be used by either marking your properties with our custom attributes or by providing 100% XAML based definitions as well as using code only.

Here is screen-shot from included sample which also shows the sub-fields functionality implemented in address group:



Validation can be performed at both property level and form level. On form level you define validation rules on DataForm control, while on property level you use standard WPF validation. Please make sure to check out DataFrom Knowledge Base article for more details.

New Samples Explorer

New release of DotNetBar for WPF 7.3 also includes our new samples explorer which is by default started after you complete the install. You can find complete source code for this app as well in My Documents\DotNetBar for WPF Samples.



Here are detailed Release Notes. If you have current DotNetBar license download latest release onCustomer Only web site. Fully functional trial version is also available. We are working on even more major new exciting features and please do not hesitate to send me your feedback and wishes. Thank you for using our controls and please let me know how you like them.

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