2008 is over and I wanted to create a summary of major things that happened. Its been extremely successful year for DevComponents. We’ve been leading the way with the new controls and huge number of improvements and you responded by using our products and spreading the word. We are very thankful for that. Thank you.

Most of these features and improvements were done as direct response to your requests on our very active forums and through email. Please keep them coming. You are in charge.

Here are some highlights from 2008:

DotNetBar for Windows Forms

  • To start the year back in January 2008 we added Horizontal and Vertical scrollbar controls with Office 2007 style. We also included bunch of improvements and minor tweaks to our controls.
  • Advanced Masked Text Box Controls with Office 2007 styling, drop-down support and custom buttons added
  • We added huge and very popular AdvTree control. This is very powerful TreeView control
  • We improved our Balloon control with the Office 2007 Alert style
  • ButtonX control received BlueOrb style and custom shapes support
  • MessageBoxEx got improved with custom localization support
  • ItemPanel got support for creating items based on template set through ItemTemplate property
  • Lot of controls received support for our highly praised text-markup
  • SuperTooltip control received multi-line support for header and footer
  • MonthCalendar control received automatic sizing support
  • DateTimeInput control got number of tweaks for easier input and navigation between input fields
  • We added all new CrumbBar control in Vista and Office 2007 style. This is horizontal tree control seen in Vista File Explorer
  • AdvTree control our very sought after tree control got huge number of improvements including data-binding support with automatic grouping, sorting, multi-selection and more…
  • We added unique designed by us Vista Glass inspired color scheme for Ribbon and other controls
  • Progress Bar control got support for vertical styling
  • ComboTree a combo-box control with popup tree control added including data-binding support
  • Rating Star control added to enable easy content rating
  • MaskedTextBoxAdv control added with custom button and drop-down support
  • TextBoxDropDown control added a text-box with built-in popup support
  • There are hundreds of minor tweaks added throughout the suite…

DotNetBar for WPF

  • To start the 2008 we added industry leading VS.NET 2008 design-time support to our controls
  • TabNavigation control added, an different way to present the “flow” of information or replace standard tab with different look and feel tab
  • Docking controls received ton of improvements with better support for Windows Forms content, tooltip for tabs and much more
  • We added MonthCalendar control added with multi-month display support, multi-selection support, Office 2007 style and custom styling ability
  • New DateTimeInput control added with NULL Value support, Office 2007 style support and custom date/time formats
  • New DoubleInput control an numeric input control with NULL value support and Office 2007 Style
  • IntegerInput control added, an numeric input control with NULL value support and Office 2007 Style
  • StateAnimationControl added for easy animation of state transitions in any WPF native control
  • New UpDownButton Control Added
  • Ribbon Control received number of imrovements and fixes and is rock-solid
  • EditorsSettings.CurrentCulture static property added to specify different culture for use in input controls from the system one
  • CrumbBar Vista Style Bread-crumb tree control added to suite with Vista and Office 2007 styles
  • Watermark support for input controls added
  • Just to end the year we released beta of DotNetBar for WPF 5.0 with huge new control added. Check it out.

We are working on some very cool stuff for 2009 and can’t wait to get into your hands. Make sure you check out the DotNetBar for WPF 5.0 Beta that is available on Customer Only web site.  That is something to start the 2009 with 🙂

Thanks once more for using our products, posting and helping us on the forums, requesting new features and spreading the word about our controls. Thank you for being our customer. You make all this possible. We just execute your wishes 🙂

Wishing everyone health, piece and success in 2009.

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