New release of DotNetBar for Windows Forms 7.6 is now available with over 60 new features and enhancements including 2 completely new controls. DotNetBar now gives you 43 controls to create professional applications with ease.

New controls added:

  1. ComboTree control which is ComboBox with drop-down tree control. This is extremely versatile control that you can use to replace any DropDownList style ComboBox when you need multiple-columns on popup or to represent hierarchical data.
  2. TextBoxDropDown control which is single line text box control with drop-down support and Office 2007 style. You can drop-down any Windows Forms control using the drop-down button built into the control as well as add any of our standard items, like buttons, check-boxes, etc. to the popup.

We also added a ton of new features to our very popular Advanced Tree control. We focused on adding great support for data-binding and I am very happy with outcome. You can now bind Advanced Tree control to all standard binding sources by setting DataSource property. Control will nicely display the non-hierarchical data, but where it really shines is in automatic grouping support that it provides.

You simply set the GroupingMemebers property to comma separated list of field names you want control to group data by, and all work is done automatically. Very useful, very nice and no code needed. We even automatically create human readable column headers based on your field names… Here is screenshot from our updated TreeControl sample that demonstrates this:

This release is available now. If you have DotNetBar license you can download latest build at any time on our Customer Only web-site.

Trial version can be found on DotNetBar web site.

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