TreeGX 2.0 has just been released. TreeGX is Windows Forms component for better presentation
of hierarchical data.

New release includes:

  • High-performance Zooming support. Every sample has been updated to showcase this new

  • XML serialization. You can now load from and save to XML TreeGX content. No code required.
    It is also possible to add custom data to the serialized XML.

  • Context menu support for every node. You can now use Node.ContextMenu property to
    assign the context menu to each individual node directly from designer or from code. DotNetBar context
    menu, VS.NET 2005 context menu strip and VS.NET 2003 context menu are all seamlessly

  • There is a keyboard navigation implemented for selected and expanding nodes

  • Painting methods can not be accessed so printing can be implemented. Be sure to check
    out MindMapping sample for an example on printing.

  • Many other enhancements…

Here is screenshot of the Zooming feature in action:

TreeGX Zooming Support

You can download fully functional trial version here.

Denis Basaric, DevComponents LLC.

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