Howdy Good People!

Today we releasing 11.2 version of DotNetBar with Visual Studio 2012 inspired Light and Dark themes. Here are two screen-shots of Light and Dark theme from our sample:

DotNetBar Visual Studio 2012 Inspired LightTheme


And dark theme:

DotNetBar Visual Studio 2012 Inspired Dark Theme

Both of these themes are Metro based themes which means that they will also affect ambient colors (BackColor, ForeColor) of controls on the form. Using StyleManager you can switch to one of these new themes and using StyleManagerAmbient component on your form you can control which controls receive ambient settings from StyleManager.

There are more than 70 new features and fixes in this release. Do not forget that our online Knowledge Base is getting updated constantly and is great source of information and tips on DotNetBar usage.

You can download latest build of DotNetBar at