We have another big DotNetBar release for you with 3 new controls: Time Selector, Touch Keyboard and Page Slider controls.

Time Selector

Time selector enables easy time input without typing. It works great with mouse but also on touch enabled screens. DateTimeInput will also use it automatically if it requires time input. Control supports 12-hour and 24-hour formats completely automatically. Here is image of Time selector with 12 and 24-hour views:

Touch Keyboard

Touch Keyboard is an multi-touch enabled virtual keyboard control that you can attach to controls, customize its layout, change colors and render completely on your own. What is special about our keyboard is that it has built-in multi-touch support which makes it possible to type fast on multi touch screens:

Control supports multiple layouts out of box:

And you can render all parts of control yourself if you choose:

Page Slider

PageSlider control is an multi-touch page slider control which can be used to present any content on pages. Pages can be changed using the optional scroll-bar or by dragging the page with mouse into the view. However, preferred method of operation is using touch gestures to flick pages in and out of the view. Page slider also support inertial scrolling so if you quickly flick with the finger on the screen it will continue page scrolling and slow down gradually.

All in all, there are over 55 new features and enhancements in this release. And here are detailed Release Notes.

If you have current DotNetBar license download latest release on Customer Only web site. Fully functional trial version is also available. We are working on even more major new exciting features, but please do not hesitate to send me your feedback and wishes. Thank you for using our controls and please let me know how you like them.